Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Portable DVD Player Review

Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Portable DVD PlayerIf you’re looking for a portable DVD player with the best viewing experience and is perfect for road trips, then look no further than the Nextbase Click 9.

Available as a single or twin screen, it’s a worthy companion for all your trips. In my review, I’ll take a look at how the Nextbase Click 9 compares with other top portable DVD players and who it’s most suitable for.

Our User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Brief Overview

  • Great Viewing Experience – Boasting a 9 inch screen with a 800 x 480 resolution, the Nextbase Click 9 has one of the best screen quality I’ve ever seen in a portable DVD player. The LED technology makes images sharp and colourful, making movies much more enjoyable.
  • Multi-Region Capability – A portable DVD player just wouldn’t be great without the ability to play DVDs from anywhere in the world.
  • Anti-Skip System – This feature is also a must-have for journeys, as it prevents the disc from skipping when you’re on a bumpy ride. This is something that many cheaper devices do not have, which can be very annoying.
  • Play Files Directly From a USB Stick – You can forget about carrying around bundles of discs, and instead, load up media entertainment from a USB stick.
  • Connect to Games Consoles – It includes audio and video in/out connections so that you can connect a games console to the device, and use the screen just like you would a normal television.
  • Includes Car Kit – The included car kit and stanchion mount is something that will be appreciated by back seat passengers, especially kids. It allows the device to be securely held up behind the headrests of most vehicles.
  • Crash Test Approved Mount – It’s marketed as the world’s only crash test approved portable DVD player, which means that in an event of a crash, the entire unit is securely locked into place via special metal plates.


Nextbase Click 9 
Screen TypeLED
Screen Size/Res.9" / 800 x 480
Battery LifeN/A
Car Kit (Mount)
Ports- USB
- 3.5mm Stereo
- Audio In/Out
- Video In/Out
- DC In/Out
Disc FormatsDVD, VCD, SVCD, CD, JPEG, CD-R/RW, DVD +/- R, DVD +/- RW
Video FormatsDivX, Xvid, .avi, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (DVD)
Audio FormatsMP3
Image FormatsJPEG
Remote Control
Contents- Stanchion Mount
- Car Power Adapter
- Carry Case
- Remote Control
- AV Cable
- Mains Power Supply
- Headphones
- User Manual
Purchasable Extras- Case Logic 7-10" EVA Molded Case

Construction Quality

Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Portable DVD Player

The design and construction is well thought out, as the entire system is secure and solid, having passed the European crash test standards.

When you have the Nextbase Click 9 in your hands, you can feel how solid it is, and when you read about some of the features and achievements this portable DVD player has, you will begin to understand that a careful and thoughtful design process went into producing this device.

It’s the first portable DVD player to have passed the European crash test standards. Integrated special metal plates in the mount and player ensures that in the event of a crash, the device is locked securely in place. This is unlike other portable DVD players that will go flying everywhere if there was even a strong jolt in the vehicle.

The screen is facing frontwards like a tablet, which is designed that way for optimized vehicle support. The screen cannot be rotated to be completely covered when closed. It will always be exposed which makes it more susceptible to be damaged. Nevertheless, it does come with a carrying case to ensure that it’s well protected when not in use.

The Stanchion Mount

Stanchion Mount

The innovative stanchion mount powers the player once it slides into place.

This is innovation at its finest and extremely convenient to say the least. Once the stanchion mount is fixed onto the headrest, the in-car adapter is plugged into its side (not the actual DVD player itself). Then you simply slide the Nextbase Click 9 into the mount and it will automatically resume playback from where you last left it.

This setup means that there are no cables attached to the actual portable DVD player, which makes things much tidier and more user friendly.


Nextbase Click & Go Click 9 Duo Portable DVD Players

It’s also available as a duo, which allows viewers to watch the same or different movie on both screens.

The screen for the Nextbase Click 9 is probably the highest specs you will find in a portable DVD player. It’s a 9 inch LED screen that has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, which results in sharp crystal clear images and better contrast and brightness ratios.

During playback of discs, it’s very silent and there’s very little vibration which is a stark contrast to other portable DVD players. You will not experience any skipping during disc playback either, even over bumpy roads, thanks to its Anti-Skip Technology.

Multi-Region capability is a massive bonus, as you can play discs that originate from any part of the world. Unfortunately, unlike some other models, there isn’t an SD card slot, but you can play video, audio and image files directly from a USB stick, which it handles with no issues. If you have the Nextbase Click 9 Duo, then you can play the same movie on both screens via an included link cable.


It’s very convenient in the sense that it’s the world’s first cable free and removable portable DVD player, however, it doesn’t come with the add-ons that make it cable free. There’s an optional Li-Polymer battery which is not included, so that means you have to power the device by via a mains socket or in-car adapter (both included). Also, it has IR (infra-red) transmitters which allows wireless headphones (not included) to be connected.

If you’ve already read the section above on its stanchion mount, then you would already know how innovative and practical this piece of equipment is. It makes the setup so easy and watching movies so enjoyable.

Our Conclusion

  • The entire setup is extra safe and secure which is essential if you have children in the back watching films.
  • Viewing experience is one of the best I’ve encountered on a portable DVD player, thanks to its high quality LED screen.
  • The stanchion mount is one of the best inventions for a portable DVD player. It’s sturdy and convenient, and provides power to the player as soon as its clipped into place.

If there’s one portable DVD player I would take with me on a road trip, it would be the Nextbase Click 9. If you plan on traveling by other methods such as air or train, then you may want to get something a bit more light and portable such as the V-Zon 7309.

However, if you want it for the kids or backseat passengers (you may want the dual screen version) for car journeys, then the Nextbase Click 9 is ideal in every way.

Our User Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

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