Sony DVPFX780 Portable DVD Player Review

Sony DVPFX780 Portable DVD PlayerOne of the most popular portable DVD players currently on the market is the Sony DVPFX780. The name brand alone suggests a device of reliability and high quality, and in this instance, it doesn’t fail on either, even though the specs aren’t as good as the best models.

In my review, I’ll be going over the good and bad points about the Sony DVPFX780 portable dvd player, and how it compares with other models within its price range.

Our User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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Brief Overview

  • Optimised Audio – Sony has great technology when it comes to sound, which has been implemented in this device. There are 4 modes to choose from – Dynamic, Dynamic surround, Dialogue and Standard, with each mode presenting a different listening experience.
  • Play Files From a USB Stick – Dig into your library of movies and music without having to carry around discs. Simply just load them onto a USB stick from your computer, and plug and play in your portable DVD player.
  • Long Life Rechargeable Battery – The Sony DVPFX780 has one of the most impressive battery life I’ve seen in a portable DVD player. It boasts over 4 hours of continuous playback and can be recharged via the mains or in-car adapter (both included).
  • Watch It On The Big Screen – You can use the Sony DVPFX780 has an ordinary DVD and USB player while it’s hooked up to a full sized television.

Construction Quality

We have all come to expect nothing less than great with Sony products, and the DVPFX780 portable DVD player certainly delivers.

The outer shell is thick and sturdy, and has a solid feel to it. The opening mechanism for discs is also smooth and doesn’t feel loose unlike cheaper portable DVD players.

There are rubber pads to the upper left and right side of the screen, so that when the screen is closed, it remains protected and there will be no scratches as a result of any impact.


Sony DVPFX780 
Screen TypeLCD
Screen Size/Res.7" / 480 × 234
Battery Life4 Hours
Car Kit (Mount)
Ports- USB
- 3.5mm Stereo
- AV In/Out
- Mains Power
Disc FormatsCD-R/RW, DVD+RW/+R, DVD-RW/-R, VCD
Video FormatsXvid (MPEG-4) / .avi
Audio FormatsMP3
Image FormatsJPEG
Remote Control
Contents- AV Jack to Scart Adapter
- AA Battery
- AC Adapter
- Car Battery Adapter
Purchasable Extras- Case Logic 7-9" Car Headrest Mount Case
- Case Logic 7-10" EVA Molded Case


Sony DVPFX780 Portable DVD Player

With a long battery life, good screen and sound quality, and reliable playback, the Sony DVPFX780 is a top choice for many traveling people.

Even though the resolution is only 480 × 234, the Sony DVPFX780 still manages to produce sharp and clear images, much better than the screens I’ve seen on other portable DVD players of the same resolution or slighter bigger.

Battery Life

This is one of the most impressive I’ve seen for any portable DVD player, lasting between 4-5 hours of continuous playback (uses less power with earphones plugged in and dimmed screen brightness). It can also be played via the included mains adapter and 12V in-car adapter, which both allow you to charge the battery while the device is playing at the same time.

Disc Playback

Disc playback is fairly quiet in operation and there’s also little vibration, both elements being better than most other portable DVD players. It doesn’t have a convenient ‘Auto-Resume’ feature where it would automatically begin playing a disc from where you last left off. This should be a standard feature for all DVD players but that’s not the case here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Multi-Region feature (if you want a similar priced model that does, I recommend the V-Zon 7309), but instead, it’s locked to Region 2 (Europe & some other countries), which may be off-putting to international travelers.

Sound Quality

The Sound quality on the twin speakers is fantastic and has 4 sound options which includes Dynamic for realistic sounds, Dynamic Surround for virtual surround sound, Dialogue to enhance vocals and Standard for regular equalised sound.


Sony DVPFX780 Portable DVD PlayerUnfortunately, the Sony DVPFX780 does not come with a remote control (although the 9 inch model does), which is a bit disappointing if you’re watching it from a slight distance and you’re feeling too lazy.

Every required control is on the right side of the disc insert, and they are ‘click’ type buttons which have a good response. The placement of the buttons makes it relatively easy to navigate through the options and settings.

Although the screen cannot swivel, it can still be converted to a tablet like player as it can be pushed backwards so that the hinges click into place when it is horizontal with the base.

A big plus is the ability to use this device just like you would a normal DVD player, having AV ports so that you can connect it to a television and watch movies from a disc or USB stick on the big screen.

Our Conclusion

  • Sony DVPFX780 Portable DVD PlayerExcellent sound quality from the twin speakers, with four different sound options for the perfect listening/viewing experience.
  • Images are vividly clear despite the low resolution. One of the best I’ve seen on a portable DVD player.
  • Great construction and reliability factors, expecting nothing less from Sony.

Even though additional features such as Multi-Region playback and a swivel screen would have made the Sony DVPFX780 perfect, it’s existing quality and features make up for them (if these features are essential for you, I highly recommend the V-Zon 7309 which is also slightly cheaper).

Instead of adding all features and being reduced to an OK device, Sony has instead opted to have less features but better quality, which has resulted in a great portable DVD player at an impressive price point.

Our User Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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